Good God that school year went quickly and it only really hit me last week that it was a pretty important one for my little men. Henry started kindy this year and William pottered his way through year 5 in his usual laid back (should try harder-could excel if he applied himself.!) way and those 40 fun filled weeks of lunch orders, home readers, sight words, projects, mathletics, permission slips, swimming lessons, soccer games and open days at high schools (gulp) disappeared in the blink of an eye. It went at such break neck speed that I feel like I’ve… View Post

So it’s not mindfulness (or lack of it) that does my head in rather than mindlessness. This is what eludes me. I’d love to be able to switch off and drift into relaxed nothingness and think of absolutely nothing at all. But I can’t. I’m the person that has their iPhone welded to their hand before they go to sleep at night scrolling through Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs, daily, work emails and well anything really..tapping away on an endless loop..or writing list upon list about everything that I need to conquer the next day or even planning content for my… View Post

I’m all for mindfulness. I get it. I know that it’s important and that I need to remind myself to stay in the moment rather than racing to my next goal and thing to do like a neurotic greyhound. As yes a typical afternoon in my house does look a little bit like this.. 5 yr old.. “$&@# pushed me over in the playground again..” whilst dropping his school bag on the floor and leaving a trail of raincoat, permission slips, water bottle and ‘artworks’ across the floor as he drags his bag to the cupboard. 10 yr old..”What’s for… View Post