Despite being officially in Autumn, Sydney is still all over the shop on the temperature front and my nemesis – humidity – seems to be going nowhere fast. I love makeup – clearly, I have a large enough collection to support the whole cast of MAFS – but when everything’s a bit sweaty, I’ve learned that less is more and have a few faves that I roll out when I need to dial back the shine and stop my makeup from rolling down my face before I’m back from the school run. Here’s my ‘go to’ 5 minute face for… View Post

Most mornings find me refereeing inane discussions before they devolve into full out warfare so with my reluctant peacekeeping duties, packing lunchboxes, filling in permission slips, finding matching socks, unearthing library books from under the sofa and staving off play date requests, I have very little time to get my cosmetic groove on. But I love make up and let’s be honest bloody love those few precious moments in a room with no small people, so have managed to pare back my routine to 5 minutes to make sure that I still have the time to bring some life back… View Post

Wearing nudes is a risky business as a redhead I find, as there’s a fine line between rocking a chic nude lip that’s the perfect foil for a smokey eye, and looking like you’ve just been exhumed. And that’s before you factor in that I’m 43 and have noticed that my lip line is definitely losing definition and that my lips are decidedly thinner than they were in my choice of lip colour and finish has become really important now. I’ve spent many an hour faffing around on Instagram and Pinterest and trawling the shelves of Sephora and Mecca,… View Post

God haven’t times changed. Packing my make up and toiletries bags used to be one of my favourite parts of going on holiday. Seriously. I’d map out the outfits that I was going to wear and then work through my (ridiculously extensive) make up collection and pick out the various eyeshadow palettes, bronzer and cheek options and a multi-coloured lip wardrobe to suit every mood. It was serious business. Now however..not so much. As a mum of 2 smallish boys (5 and a half and 10) by the time I’ve planned, packed and checked (and rechecked..!) my anal lists a… View Post