I’m having a bit of an internal struggle with all things beauty at the moment and questioning how my approach to makeup fits in with my desire to enjoy a more minimalist, mindful life.  With less physical and mental clutter.  I’m a contradiction, I get it; I love – and get a lot of pleasure out of collecting – Charlotte Tilbury and I love going through my (clichéd) Ikea Alex drawers and looking at my makeup collection, all separated into neat, beautiful categories. However, I’ve been feeling a little bit out of sorts with my approach to beauty and over consumption… View Post

As a big fan of ‘Me Before You’ and ‘Still Me’, I’ve been keen to try more of Jojo Moyes’ work and was really excited to get my teeth into this. Particularly as it was inspired by a true story that took place in the (post WWII) forties and was inspired by an event that really captured my imagination. So, did it live up to my expectations? Read on for my review of Jojo Moyes Ship of Brides. The premise is an extraordinary one, made even more so when you realise that this novel was based on a true story. The… View Post

I am totally in a skin and foundation place at the moment; despite the fact that I have about 12 foundations on the go, which is more than enough for any one face, even one as big as mine!!  But I can’t help myself and whilst I don’t run out and snap up every new release, if I’m going to invest my beauty dollars these days, it’s typically going to be on skincare or base products and I’m ok with that! And this bad boy – By Terry’s Nude-Expert Duo Stick – totally sucked me in, largely down to one… View Post

One of the many ‘delightful’ signs of aging has been that my eyes have become more hooded over the past couple of years. And do you know what, I’m fine with that, largely due to my online crushes like Katie Jane Hughes and Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo, both makeup artists who have hooded eyes yet still create beautiful looks on themselves day in day out.  And by seeing the likes of Blake Lively and Jennifer Lawrence in editorial work who both rock sexy, smokey eyes without much eyelid to spare.  And like anything, practice makes perfect and I’ve played around… View Post