Don’t you just love strangers and their unsolicited opinions?  A (fair) few years ago I was happily having a pedicure and flicking through a magazine, waiting for my nails to dry, when the lady sitting next to me started to chat to me about kids. Here’s how it went: Do you have any? Yep a little boy. How old is he? He’s 3. Are you going to have more? Yes, we’re thinking about it. (Read that as we’ve had a miscarriage, we’re desperately trying and have been for nearly 2 years and suspect that IVF is around the corner.  It… View Post

My eldest is in Year 6 so I don’t know why the school holidays trip me up every term, but they do.  God knows why as I know that they’re coming and it’s not like they’re a surprise?!  Anyhoo, the fact that I’m a simpleton aside, I know that I’m not alone in my dread about the hols as my mum and dad friends all despair about how they’re going to juggle their schedules and entertain their kids without breaking the bank and their sanity every 10 weeks during the school year. And don’t get me started about our simmering… View Post

I love June. It’s my wedding anniversary on the 2nd, my husband’s birthday on the 9th (so always falls on the Queen’s birthday long weekend) and just always seems to be a fun month. And this one was no exception with a couple of big nights out, a new TV obsession and some beauty finds and rediscoveries. So, starting with my wedding, we celebrated it in typically ‘romantic’ style at Café del Mar listening to Boy George DJing but what do you expect after 17 years of marriage..?!  It was actually a brilliant night at a gorgeous venue – watching the… View Post

I’m a freelance copywriter so work for myself and spend most of my working week tapping away on my MacBook in my home office.  I get mixed responses when I tell people that I work from home, varying from “Oh my god you’re living the dream” – which I think every day and never take for granted by the way – to “God, I’d go crazy cooped up in the same four walls all week!”  And everything in between.  And the main question I get asked interestingly is how I stay motivated when I’ve got no boss, nobody watching what… View Post