I wrote about the boys’ age gap a few weeks ago and how (thankfully) despite it being bigger than we’d hoped and planned for (four and a half years, my eldest is 11 and my little man is 6 and a half) and bigger than the gap that most of my friends have between their kids, it’s worked out really well and the boys enjoy a beautifully close relationship. So much so that they share a room – they asked to – and spend a lot of their time together. But ironically – why is it when you say something… View Post

I follow a whole bunch of lifestyle bloggers in the UK and it feels like Slow Living and discussions on how to lead a more meaningful (and mindful) life is having a bit of a moment; the reaction and resistance to immediate gratification and living a less mindless, more is more, superficial existence.  And it’s really captured my imagination, as it kind of puts a name to the thoughts that I’ve been having for a while, as I’ve been realising that flapping through life like a headless chicken is not the most sensible approach to being a mum, wife and… View Post

Well you know me, I do like to chat but feel that I have a lot to say about July even for me, as it’s been quite the month. I’ve battled and survived Dry July and the school hols, reclaimed my workspace and kicked my working week structure into touch, enjoyed lots of lovely makeup, stumbled across some cracking and very eclectic TV finds, celebrated and commiserated with the England football team and stuffed myself silly at a Christmas in July bash..so lots to tell..I’d better crack on..! Makeup.. So, let’s start with all things make up as I’m in quite… View Post

Well it’s Thursday 26th July so there’s 6 sleeps until the end of Dry July..whoop whoop!  This is the first time that I’ve done it and I honestly thought it would be harder than it’s been.   Because I do like a glass of bubbles (or 5..!) as do most of my mates and I’ve had to navigate the World Cup..and England’s defeat..parties and lunch with the girls without a drop of wine in sight..but it hasn’t been hard at all, and I’ve realised that as much as I love a good drink, the positives have far outweighed the FOMO!  Now don’t… View Post