So, two months into adopting a plant-based diet and all is going swimmingly well; hurrah!  I really feel like I’ve found my planning and cooking groove and genuinely look forward to every meal and thinking about what combination of wholefood loveliness that I can concoct.  So, for those of you who might be earlier on in your journey, I thought that I’d share what’s working for me and the great results that I’m enjoying, to help motivate you through those challenging first few weeks. Here are 6 great benefits of a vegan diet: A love of food..! I’m enjoying food… View Post

I’ve spoken a bit about this before; how after a decade as a vegetarian – with a stint in there as a vegan – in my teens and six months as a vegan last year, I’ve made the decision to adopt a plant-based diet for the third and final time. Third time lucky and all that!  So, here are my top tips for changing to a vegan diet. So, why did I make the change? I’ve always been an animal lover, so this does play a big part in my decision, but it’s also got to do with the health… View Post

I love the process of writing my monthly favourites as I start off thinking how quickly the month has gone – and that I’ve done very little – and then quickly realise, as I scribble away, that it was a pretty full on, fun-filled month as always! Which is probably why this one is a little later than normal..sorry about that! So, what did I get up to in September? Well I made some pretty significant lifestyle decisions, watched my youngest in 2 plays and my eldest get his school medal (yep I cried), went to an 80s night with… View Post

Where on earth did last month go; it feels like August disappeared in a heartbeat and I’m not entirely sure what I got up to?!  Well, to be fair I do know, I basically worked and not much else this month if I’m honest, which isn’t the end of the world I know. I started to work with a lovely new client which is always fun, but I have to say that I utterly failed at achieving anything like a work life balance so really need to work on that this month. On the fun side of things, I had… View Post