Reading plays a big role in my household. We all read a lot individually but the area that I’ve let slip (and am missing) is reading to the boys; it’s something that I’ve always loved to do, is a lovely time together for the three of us, relaxes them before bed and I can’t put my finger on why it’s slipped out of our routine. Like most things it was probably just life, activities and basically running out of time but it’s been playing on my mind. As you know there’s a four and half year gap between the boys which… View Post

I’ve waxed lyrical about Stephen King before so you all know that I’m a big fan.  He’s an author who I discovered in my teens and have really enjoyed revisiting this past year; it started with It on hols last year and I’ve subsequently been enjoying some of his newer work, including The Outsider and most recently the Bill Hodges Trilogy, which kicks off with Mr Mercedes. I love a good trilogy – why only enjoy characters once when you can get to see them again in a series I say – and thought Mr Mercedes set up the storyline… View Post

I studied French and German at Uni, have always been fascinated and appalled by the Vichy regime and occupied France in the Second World War and love novels like Sebastian Faulks’ Charlotte Gray that take place in this period of history.  This novel therefore looked to be right up my street – well I did choose it as my Book Club choice for the month after all – and it thankfully didn’t disappoint. A New York Times bestseller, and written by Kristin Hannah, a new author for me, it takes place in Paris, Carriveau in the Loire Valley and the… View Post

I’m a very happy camper.  I’ve written before about my eleven year’s old’s (creative) writing block, that he’d even stopped reading and how this was doing my head in as we’re a big reading family and I couldn’t understand where his apathy was coming from.  My husband and I spend hours reading – always have – and his six-year-old brother is proving to be quite the fan, so I couldn’t get my head around his sudden lack of interest.  I tried to relax, gently encouraged him by buying lots of different novels to try and pique his interest and told… View Post