One of the many ‘delightful’ signs of aging has been that my eyes have become more hooded over the past couple of years. And do you know what, I’m fine with that, largely due to my online crushes like Katie Jane Hughes and Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo, both makeup artists who have hooded eyes yet still create beautiful looks on themselves day in day out.  And by seeing the likes of Blake Lively and Jennifer Lawrence in editorial work who both rock sexy, smokey eyes without much eyelid to spare.  And like anything, practice makes perfect and I’ve played around… View Post

It’s fair to say that I’ve been a bit obsessed with mascara for the past few months.  I’d been a Diorshow fan for many years then got a bit bored of it so drifted to Bobbi Brown’s Smokey Eye Mascara which I really enjoyed but didn’t think was perfect for my very particular needs: big volume with a curl but not too clumpy! A ballsy lash that made a difference – some days mascara is all that I have time for – but still pretty natural looking and separated. But then my prayers were answered and a whole host of new launches… View Post

Where on earth did last month go; it feels like August disappeared in a heartbeat and I’m not entirely sure what I got up to?!  Well, to be fair I do know, I basically worked and not much else this month if I’m honest, which isn’t the end of the world I know. I started to work with a lovely new client which is always fun, but I have to say that I utterly failed at achieving anything like a work life balance so really need to work on that this month. On the fun side of things, I had… View Post

I am a complete makeup magpie and skip into Mecca or Sephora at the mere sniff of a new product launch but have had to teach myself to be a bit more circumspect with my skincare over the years as my crappy skin is so sensitive.  I’d love to try every new unctuous cream, cleansing balm, lotion and potion as it hits the market – as I’m a real believer in good makeup depends on good skin – but I just can’t as I pay the price. I broke this rule recently as winter has absolutely ravaged my face this… View Post