Despite being officially in Autumn, Sydney is still all over the shop on the temperature front and my nemesis – humidity – seems to be going nowhere fast. I love makeup – clearly, I have a large enough collection to support the whole cast of MAFS – but when everything’s a bit sweaty, I’ve learned that less is more and have a few faves that I roll out when I need to dial back the shine and stop my makeup from rolling down my face before I’m back from the school run. Here’s my ‘go to’ 5 minute face for… View Post

Despite having listened to innumerable Youtubers wax lyrical about the importance of a well-shaped brow and being a makeup junkie with drawers of product, I’ve always been very hit and miss on the brow front.  But then something changed. Maybe it was because this neverending, sticky summer has bleached my delightful, ginger brows a transparent shade of blonde (we’re talking albino here) or maybe the message just finally hit home. But it did, and it’s made a big difference. I now have a handful of corkers on rotation and feel somewhat ‘undone’ without my brows. Some are new to me, some… View Post

I’m not the most faithful of creatures when it comes to skincare and typically flit between different brands, as I find that most do one thing really well but rarely deliver across all categories. And when I find something that I love, that works and that doesn’t give me a nasty reaction (my skin’s uber sensitive) I stick to it, because who needs a breakout? But I’ve thrown caution to the wind with Drunk Elephant after being sucked in by the online frenzy and the cult following that it’s inspired and thought that I’d give it a whirl and review… View Post

I was so not in need of another bronzer when I stumbled across the Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Serum. I have several in my collection that are almost brand-new despite being well used and abused, as bronzer is a key part of my daily makeup routine. Despite keeping it simple most days – I’m a freelance copywriter so work from home most days – I still reach for a handful of things to make sure that I look vaguely alive; mascara to open up my tired, hooded eyes; SPF as I live in Sydney; a tinted moisturiser to even… View Post