6 benefits of a vegan diet!

6 benefits of a vegan diet!

So, two months into adopting a plant-based diet and all is going swimmingly well; hurrah!  I really feel like I’ve found my planning and cooking groove and genuinely look forward to every meal and thinking about what combination of wholefood loveliness that I can concoct.  So, for those of you who might be earlier on in your journey, I thought that I’d share what’s working for me and the great results that I’m enjoying, to help motivate you through those challenging first few weeks.

Here are 6 great benefits of a vegan diet:

A love of food..!

I’m enjoying food again, which is great!  I love food and my husband’s a great cook but we’ve been in a real rut with food this year; I was uninspired and feeling very ‘meh’ about most things that we ate, so it’s been nice to feel my taste buds reawaken as I’ve tried different combinations of fruits, veggies, pulses and grains and taken myself out of my comfort zone with food choices.

Learning to cook..!

Learning to cook as part of this journey has been a bit of a revelation, as dramatic as that sounds.  I’ve mentioned before that my husband is the house cook (by choice) and that has always worked for me as I’ve always been an accident waiting to happen in the kitchen; logic is not my forte! But becoming vegan – and the only vegan in the house – has meant that I needed to take the lead with my meals and I’m loving it.  I love the creativity of cooking and that I’m taking the conscious time out of my working day – I work for myself and at home for most of the week – to prepare my lunch and snacks and that it’s slowed me down and allowed me to focus on myself.  I’m also loving that I’ve found a new passion!

Losing weight..!

This is a bit of a no brainer, but I’ll share it nonetheless as it’s been a nice byproduct of the process; since consciously focusing on eating whole food and a balanced diet with a wide selection of whole grains, fruit and veggies, I’ve lost 9kg in 2 months.  And I have not been dieting, far from it.  Don’t get me wrong, I needed to lose the weight, but that was never the reason for moving to a plant-based diet; it just feels as if my body is responding to the diet that it should have.


In a similar vein, I feel clearer and have more energy, despite having a crazier work schedule than I’ve had for a while.  Is that because my body is being fueled with a clean, healthy diet or is it because of the weight loss; I reckon it’s a bit of both?!

Great skin..!

And talking about clarity, my skin has also never looked better and am confident that my clean diet is a key reason for this; I’ve also been upping my water intake and drinking more herbal teas than (English Breakfast) tea and coffee (now that I’ve removed dairy from my diet) so think that this combination has resulted in a clear complexion.  And what’s not to love about that?!

Snoring be gone.!

And to end on a funny note – well amusing for me, not my husband – I’ve apparently stopped snoring!  A few months ago, it was becoming quite a problem (read driving my husband insane!) but has now pretty much disappeared apparently. I think it was all a load of rubbish and he was grossly exaggerating the whole thing (how rude – me, make a noise – pah?!) but I’m happy that he’s stopped whinging about it….!

So, these are just a few reasons why I’m loving my vegan diet; I could bore you to death about it quite frankly, but I won’t do that to you!  Have you recently shifted to all things plant-based and how are you finding it?


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