September Favourites

September Favourites

I love the process of writing my monthly favourites as I start off thinking how quickly the month has gone – and that I’ve done very little – and then quickly realise, as I scribble away, that it was a pretty full on, fun-filled month as always! Which is probably why this one is a little later than normal..sorry about that!

So, what did I get up to in September? Well I made some pretty significant lifestyle decisions, watched my youngest in 2 plays and my eldest get his school medal (yep I cried), went to an 80s night with the girls which was flurotastic and just plain hilarious, got my reading groove back on, found a new TV series and of course enjoyed some fave beauty bits along the way.

Let me tell you a bit more.


Giorgio Armani – Luminous Silk

Well I guess I can’t talk about my faves without giving a big shout out to a very old fave that I’ve rediscovered this month: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. The OG foundation for many and for damn good reason I say!  I wore it religiously, must have gone through bottles of the stuff back in the day but fell off the wagon one Sunday when I couldn’t find anyone to serve me at their counter in DJ, drifted off to Mecca and have been trying out different formulations ever since. After not using it for a fair few years, it was a bit different to how I remembered it to be honest; runnier, a little more satin/velvety matte and not as full coverage, but I soon got back in the groove.  After trying it out in a bunch of different ways, I have found that my favourite way of using it (to lock in maximum moisture) is over moisturiser, SPF (more on that next!) and Fix + and bounced in with a beautyblender. It’s become my fave base for a long day of meetings as it stays put all day and walks that lovely (and so hard to find) line between too dewy and too matte!  Yes $99 is flipping expensive but a little does go a long way and as I’ve said before, if I’m going to invest my beauty dollars, it will always be in the base department.

Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50

I’ve been a bit hit and miss with SPF recently, which is bloody ridiculous as a fair redhead who lives in Sydney and who regularly uses actives as part of my skincare routine. But I’ve had a word with myself since spotting a new outcrop of freckles and pigmentation and have been super diligent ever since.  My fave to date has been Mecca’s To Save Face SPF 30+ but I’ve been hankering after higher UV protection and found their SPF 50 a bit too thick for me on days that I wore makeup. Enter this bad boy.  I picked up a 12 ml size at Mecca to try it on for size, have already used it up and love it!  It’s a bit of an all-rounder in that it’s an antioxidant rich, nourishing moisturiser that gives a nice dollop of hydration, combined with broad spectrum UV protection. As we’re still in autumn, and I like a dewy base, I’ve been applying this on top of my normal (Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone) moisturiser but think that this will work perfectly well on its own in the sweatier, stickier summer months. At $104 for the full-sized 50 ml bottle it’s far from a budget option, but SPF is very important to me and I’d prefer to spend my money there and swap out other areas of my beauty routine for drugstore options.

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Crème

Well this little bad boy has been on my shopping list for a while, as a lot of the beauty peeps that I follow on Instagram and YouTube seemed to be raving about it and I wanted to give it a whirl.  I am a bit picky with the textures of products around my eyes as I’ve had milia appear after wearing heavy creams.  For me eye creams need to be lightweight and easily absorbed yet pack a punch with anti-aging ingredients, so I realise that that’s no mean feat. Inspired by makeup artist fave, ‘banana powder’, it’s a brightening, vitamin C-rich eye crème that is meant to target signs of aging, reduce the look of dark circles and improve concealer application and wear.  And I wouldn’t say that this is necessarily giving me everything that I need – to be fair it’s probably targeted at a younger market (I’m 44) – but I have enjoyed its texture and brightening qualities and it’s certainly sat well under my makeup; I’ll happily finish the tub and would recommend it to younger friends who are looking for a light, all round eye cream.

And finally, on the makeup front, and I won’t bore you as I have written separate posts on these here and here and mentioned them a number of times on Instagram (sorry), I have continued to wear and thoroughly enjoy Hourglass’ Caution Extreme mascara and Dior Lip Glow in 01 Pink this month.  The mascara has quickly become my fave as it’s the only mascara at the moment that doesn’t smudge on me, it has loads of lift and is super long lasting which I love.  And what else can I say about the Lip Glow; any ‘your lips but better’ lippies that I can apply without a mirror and add a pretty pop of colour are firm faves of mine. And this is no exception;  I’ve nearly finished this one, which is very unusual for me given the size of my lipstick collection, so that speaks volumes and I’m determined to use up every last inch of the bullet!


Which leads me nicely to a couple of decisions that I’ve made recently and that have been on my mind this month.  The first is that we are trying to take tentative steps towards a more minimalist lifestyle; to focus on what’s important, to step off the never-ending, must-buy-everything treadmill and reduce our footprint as a family.  As part of that, and as beauty and makeup are such big passions of mine, I’ve embarked on my version of project pan and am focusing on finishing up products in my makeup collection rather than constantly purchasing a stream of shiny new things.  I have one face and all that!  I have picked 10 products (which make up a full face) and am prioritising those over others in my collection so that I can finally start to finish them up. I am obsessed with all things base and have 12 foundations on the go at the moment so think it’s only sensible to start finishing some of them up before mindlessly adding more to my burgeoning foundation drawer. I wrote about this earlier in the month if you want to have a more detailed read.

On the decision-making front, I’ve also gone back to eating a plant-based diet – after a decade of being a vego when I was younger and a 6-month stint of being a vegan last year – and am loving it.  It’s been a big focus for me in September; I’m determined to make it work this time and have focused a lot on meal planning and researching recipes and nutrition so that I can make sure that I have a balanced diet which is full of lots of delicious things and gives me everything that I need.  I’m the only person in our family who’s adopting a plant-based diet at the moment, but my husband is eating a few vegan meals and I hope to get the more boys more involved so that they up their veggie intake and are more adventurous with trying new foods.  I’m thinking about writing a vegan diary to share my journey as a newbie vegan, covering what works for me, what doesn’t, menu planning tips, recipe books, useful resources etc etc so watch this space for more vegan related content. I hope you enjoy it!


So on to TV; as you know I love a good series and enjoyed an old favourite last month as well as discovered a new show. My oldie but goodie was Frasier, a show that I have watched so so many times over the years, but which still makes me laugh.  And I’ve realised something about the way that I watch and re-watch my old favourites like Friends, Frasier and West Wing; I use them as background noise, like the radio, when I’m in the kitchen or pottering around as I know them that well that they need very little of my attention.  And now that I’ve realised that, I don’t feel quite so weird about my Groundhog Day tendencies! On to a new find though, we’ve been watching Line of Duty, a British, gritty police procedural show centred around the anti-corruption unit AC12; it’s won loads of awards, got some cracking actors in it (including Thandie Newton who appears in Series 4) and I highly recommend it!

Books ..

And finally, and after struggling to find the time to read the previous month, I made sure that I carved out some me time last month and read a couple of great novels; watch this space as reviews are a-coming.  If you’re looking for inspiration/a new read in the meantime, have a look at the Books section of my website as I regularly read and review a wide variety of books.

So that’s me for the month!  What did you get up to and what were your fave things and finds in September?






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