Review: By Terry Nude-Expert Duo Stick

Review: By Terry Nude-Expert Duo Stick

I am totally in a skin and foundation place at the moment; despite the fact that I have about 12 foundations on the go, which is more than enough for any one face, even one as big as mine!!  But I can’t help myself and whilst I don’t run out and snap up every new release, if I’m going to invest my beauty dollars these days, it’s typically going to be on skincare or base products and I’m ok with that! And this bad boy – By Terry’s Nude-Expert Duo Stick – totally sucked me in, largely down to one of my fave Youtubers/beauty peeps Sam Chapman of Pixiwoo, who wore it in a couple of videos and couldn’t say enough good things about it. And the marketers dream that I am, I merrily rushed out to Mecca and grabbed one in Rosy Beige. I’ve tried this out a handful of times since buying it a week or so ago so thought that I’d give you my thoughts if you’re thinking of making a purchase, because it ain’t cheap!  So, I’ll stop waffling now and give you my review of the By Terry Nude-Expert Duo Stick!

This is an interesting one.  It’s a foundation stick that is half foundation and half highlighter, with the combination designed to produce a flawless and radiant matte complexion.  It’s also purported to have pixel-focus spherical powders which blur imperfections and control shine.  From a coverage perspective, it promises that you can easily build it from a natural sheer glow to full coverage flawless perfection, so lots of promises for one tiny little package!

So, what do I like? 

The first time that I tried this, I applied it exactly as per Sam Chapman; over moisturised skin and sandwiched between liberal sprays of Fix +, buffed in with a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.  I didn’t hate the finish, but I was a little underwhelmed; I hadn’t gone overboard with product and this showed as I didn’t achieve a medium coverage and it sat on top of my skin rather than melting into it, which my IT Cosmetics CC Cream & Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder do effortlessly.  I could also see some texture showing through which I didn’t love but think that this was largely due to using a brush as buffing my sensitive (more mature) skin can sometimes disrupt and remove product rather than buff it in.

So, the next time around I amped up my skin prep and used a serum, moisturiser and then Dermalogica moisturiser/SPF so that my skin was pretty bouncy before going in with foundation.  I applied the foundation, Fix + as before to layer in moisture and instead of a brush, worked the product in with a damp Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge. And whilst the coverage was still not quite as full as I’d like, I really liked the dewy finish and with a few dabs of (BareMinerals) concealer was really happy with my base and have gone on to apply it in this way since.

So, what don’t I love?

I’m very sensitive to fragrance and it has a slight floral scent; I have used By Terry foundations before as it’s one that I can tolerate and thankfully doesn’t offend me too much.  But it’s something to be aware of if you’re not a fan of fragrance.

I think the size is pretty laughable.  You get a measly 8.5 g of product (compared to a standard 30ml foundation) for a whopping price of $72.  I’ve seen Youtubers wax lyrical about how portable this is and how the size appeals as it fits in your bag easily for touch ups during the day but that’s just not something I care about; I would have preferred more product and value for money.  By Terry is obviously a luxury brand e.g. their Sheer Expert foundation which I love is $94 for 35ml, so you’re going to pay a premium for their products, but I think that this is on the pricier side even for them.

The shine control properties didn’t work on me either. I used a lot of moisturizer/prep products though, so if a shiny nose is the price that I have to pay for a smoother hydrated base and to avoid texture then that’s ok.  But again, that’s something to beware of, particularly if you have combination skin like me.

And design wise the sponge is pretty redundant. I’m sure that some may like it – and it sounds a great concept – but it’s pretty firm and I know that it will be too much for my delicate skin so won’t be giving it a test drive!

Is it worth the hype?

I will continue to use and enjoy this, now that I’ve worked out how to make it work for me.  And I will experiment with the levels of coverage to see if I can build it beyond medium without encountering textural issues once more. But would I re-purchase?  Probably not.  I love the idea of it and do enjoy the simplicity of drawing on base and then blending it in with a few easy swipes of my sponge – good old painting by numbers – but I think that this is something that I’ll only reach for when my skin is pretty good, and I have others in my collection which give me a pretty, sheer coverage, at a much more reasonable price point.

Have you tried this foundation out? Are you enjoying it?







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