5 cracking blogs to read..!

5 cracking blogs to read..!

I normally read a couple of books a week; firstly, because it’s my genuine passion and hobby – and I have two book clubs to keep up with as well but that’s by the by – and secondly as a deliberate practice as I am a firm believer that good writers read. And read widely.  But I’ve found that I’ve struggled to crack through a novel for a couple of weeks now because of work, life and just being exhausted at the end of the day and it’s doing my head in.  So, to scratch my reading itch, I’ve turned to my favourite blogs so that I can enjoy a mini fix when I get a few minutes and thought I’d share some old (and new) faves if you’re time poor and looking for some reading bites too. So here are my current five favourite blogs!

Laura Jane Williams

Laura Jane Williams is an author, columnist, teacher of creative writing, frequent podcast interviewee and presenter, prolific instagrammer and all round funny, ballsy bird and I’m convinced that we’d be mates in real life if we didn’t live 10000 miles away from each other!  I love her writing style, philosophies on life, how she attacks life in a brave, unapologetic way and Laura and Katie Jane Hughes – for different reasons – are the two feeds that I check immediately when I dip into Instagram.  Check her out on superlativelyrude.com if you want to get some slices of kindness, self-love and confidence with lots of laughs and a few innuendos thrown in for good measure; you won’t be disappointed.

Fiona Barrows

Fiona is a recent discovery and is almost the antithesis of Laura in terms of personality, but I like that.  She’s another Brit and has (fairly) recently returned from Europe and Asia where she travelled and worked for a few years. Previously in publishing, she’s now established her business as a brand storyteller particularly focusing on creative businesses, has a blog where she writes about writing and thoughtful living and creative businesses and a podcast where she explores similar themes. You can find her at fionabarrows.com and hosting her podcast ‘There Are Other Ways where she interviews fellow creatives who are approaching life and work in a non-conventional way. I like the way she writes, her gentle style and honesty on Instagram stories and the fact that she’s also a fellow book nerd who consumes books at the rate of knots so there’s always a recommendation to be had.

Elle Croft

Elle’s another newish find; she’s a copywriter and travel blogger – turned published author – who Fiona interviewed on her podcast, so I tracked her down and have been dipping into her blog ever since. Whilst travel content is the cornerstone of her blog, she also writes about writing and reading which particularly float my boat; in particular her journey to getting her first book published – including her submission letter which her agent credits as getting her attention amongst the piles she wades through on a daily basis – which I find so interesting and useful as a wannabee author. You can find her at ellecroft.com and her first novel is a thriller called The Guilty Wife.  I’ve got it ready and raring to go on my Kindle and am looking forward to enjoying it when life calms down a bit and I get my reading groove back on.

Me and Orla

I’ve talked about Sara Tasker before as her podcasts are two of my faves (Hashtag Authentic & Letters From A Hopeful Creative) and she is the ultimate multi-hyphen as a writer, photographer, author, creative coach, Instagram guru and podcaster.  I love the way she writes, her smart, commercial yet creative approach to her life and business and how she has managed to achieve so much whilst managing a chronic health condition, a young daughter and spinning so many plates. Without sounding like a complete cheeser, she really is inspirational and so lovely and unassuming with it.  Go over to meandorla.co.uk for Instagram and photography tips, her views on self-belief and being productive whilst living a slower life and loads more.  She offers ecourses on Instagram, a useful free eguide to improving your Instagram feed – which is a useful starting point if you’re a beginner – and much more.

Sophie Cliff

And finally, the lovely Sophie Cliff…she says as if she knows her..ha!  Sophie has a full-time ‘proper job’, running her blog very much as a passion project and side hustle and actually launched an ecourse at the beginning of the year to help other people do just that.  I like her honesty, how she writes, that she’s a normal woman living in Leeds and writing about her thoughts and things that she and her mates are talking about, rather than trying to produce content that she thinks people want to read. This seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment which I’m enjoying; bloggers going full circle, turning their backs on trying to produce super slick editorial content and returning to their more authentic roots and I’m all for it.  You’ll find her at sophiecliff.com, so go on over and give her some love.

So, they’re my current fave blogs to stalk and I recommend them all.  Do you have any to add to my list?




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