Review: Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask

Review: Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask

I am a complete makeup magpie and skip into Mecca or Sephora at the mere sniff of a new product launch but have had to teach myself to be a bit more circumspect with my skincare over the years as my crappy skin is so sensitive.  I’d love to try every new unctuous cream, cleansing balm, lotion and potion as it hits the market – as I’m a real believer in good makeup depends on good skin – but I just can’t as I pay the price. I broke this rule recently as winter has absolutely ravaged my face this year;  my skin has been red and irritated, my fave foundations have been sitting badly and my usually glowy and (pretty) clear complexion has been dull and dehydrated. So, I thought it was time to bring out the big guns and try Charlotte Tilbury’s Goddess Skin Clay Mask; I’d seen the hype surrounding this product when it first launched, had resisted thinking it would be too much for me but decided to give it a whirl as it seemed to be promising everything that I needed.  But is it any good and did it do the trick? Read on for my review of Charlotte Tilbury’s Goddess Clay Mask!

What does it say on the tin?

One of the things that I love about Charlotte Tilbury is her over the top exuberance and absolute passion for – and belief in – her products. Her product blurbs are always full to the brim with superlatives and lyrical marketing spiel, and this is no exception, with the mask promising to lift, smooth, brighten and tighten pores for BABY SKIN; the bio nymph peptide complex improving skin elasticity, the rosehip oil regenerating and restoring softness, the frangipani extract soothing and purifying, the Spanish clay drawing out impurities and the sweet almond oil moisturising and nourishing. All in all she promises to give us the skin that we were born with!

What’s the good the bad and the ugly?

The first thing that I love about this product is that it’s nothing like the many drying clay masks that I’ve used in the past which makes it such a joy to apply and the end result very different. It’s lovely and hydrating, which is apparently due to the fact that it’s made with Spanish clay as most clays found in the Mediterranean are nourishing and hydrating rather than the drier clays that are used in many masks and cleansing products.  This formulation is inspired by an ancient Ibizan beauty remedy where they’d rub clay on their bodies and then layer sweet almond oil on top; Charlotte was raised in Ibiza so knows her Spanish stuff and quite frankly if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me!

I also love the fact that there’s none of that squeaky clean, ‘have had all of the moisture sucked out of my face’ feeling that I’ve experienced after applying other clay masks.   I followed her instructions to the letter – applied a thin layer which I massaged into my face and left for 10 minutes – then towelled it off with a wet flannel.  My skin immediately felt beautifully balanced, moisturised and ready for makeup; I actually debated going without moisturiser as it felt so plump and hydrated!

And whilst I’m a wee bit dubious about products that claim to visibly reduce or close pores – as Caroline Hirons (my hero!) would say, they’re not doors – this really did make a difference on that front, particularly around my nose, which is where I have larger pores.

The only negative for me – and it’s such a personal thing and a positive for so many I’m sure – is the floral scent which I find way too cloying and overpowering. I’m assuming it’s frangipani and I hate it so breathe through my mouth whilst the mask is doing its thing.  I’m very sensitive to fragrance – to the degree that I can’t wear Chanel lipsticks – and the fact that I have gone back to use this is testimony to the results and despite the fragrance.

Is it worth the hype?

I really think it is.  It leaves my skin soft, plump and brightened and gives the perfect base for makeup, so it’s great for big night out prep or a Sunday pamper sesh.  At $76, it’s obviously not the cheapest – and there are cheap as chips clay masks out there – but at the end of the day it’s not your regular clay mask; it’s a plumping, smoothing, brightening treat and definitely worth considering if you want to add a luxurious (and impactful step) into your routine!


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