Review: L’Oréal Paris Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops

Review: L’Oréal Paris Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that I only bought this bad boy a few days ago as I’ve been looking for it everywhere and have only just managed to track it down. And I am so chuffed that I did as I have literally used it every day since so just had to share it with you. As you know, I’m a bit of a Charlotte Tilbury fan (understatement of the year!) and love me a few dabs of her Hollywood Flawless Filter under or over my base – and sometimes both if I want to be seen from space – but realise that at $65 it ain’t cheap so won’t fit everybody’s budget and isn’t an everyday kind of product. So, I’ve been looking for a drugstore alternative to add to my liquid highlighting wardrobe and when I saw pics of Loréal Paris Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops – RRP $29.95 but is only $14.97 at Priceline at the mo – knew that I had to give them a whirl and am royally hooked!  So, if you’d like to hear my review of Loréal Paris Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops, a great dupe for Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter, then read on..!

Why I love them?

I love that they come in a serum esque bottle with a dropper mechanism as it’s far more versatile than a doe foot applicator in my humble opinion. Beware though, the dropper does get a wee bit messy and a teeny drop goes a long way, so resist the urge to squeeze too heartily as you’ll lose a lot of product and get in a right mess!

The texture is also so pretty. It looks like molten, metallic lava and at first glance as if it’s going to be totally inappropriate for 44 year old skin like mine, but rest assured, it blends beautifully, leaving a glossy finish that would make Katie Jane Hughes proud. Note: if you don’t know who she is, and love make up, then you need to check her out on Instagram; her Stories are legendary.

The tone reads on the golden side which I normally steer clear of with my pale redhead (with cool undertones) skin. But it just works, and I think will work well on most fair to medium skin shades. Perhaps not for those of you with deeper skin tones unfortunately.

And finally it’s beautifully versatile like Flawless Filter in that it can be worn alone, under your base, on top of your base as a highlighter or mixed in with your base to create a glowier finish. Result!

How I wear them?

I have enjoyed wearing these drops in a couple of ways.

Firstly, as a more traditional highlighter, and here I like to apply a little drop on to the back of my hand and then dab it on to the high points of my face (including the bridge of my nose and cupid’s bow) after foundation to amp up the glow factor of my base. And given that my skin has been sandpaper smooth recently – roll on Spring I say – I’m in need of as much glow as I can get!

And secondly I’ve enjoyed it as a medium to mix in with my more satin/matte bases to create a more luminous, glowy finish. I did that on Saturday night with Luminous Silk – and loved the result – and have enjoyed mixing it with Born that Way also. As it’s a dropper you’ve obviously got control of the ratios that you employ; I’m a less is more kind of girl so add the teeniest of drops and build from there as you really don’t need much to inject some serious shine in to your foundation and I find that a brush or beautyblender works equally well when working it into the skin.

So, there are my thoughts on the these super pretty highlighting drops and I don’t seem to be the only one loving them as beauty bloggers extraordinares like Gemma Watts and Eleanor Pendleton are also waxing lyrical and sharing their positive thoughts in their Stories and posts..and if it’s good enough for them….!

The Priceline sale started today, so I’d be putting a couple of these in my basket if I were you; I will be!


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