Lessons from Dry July

Lessons from Dry July

Well it’s Thursday 26th July so there’s 6 sleeps until the end of Dry July..whoop whoop!  This is the first time that I’ve done it and I honestly thought it would be harder than it’s been.   Because I do like a glass of bubbles (or 5..!) as do most of my mates and I’ve had to navigate the World Cup..and England’s defeat..parties and lunch with the girls without a drop of wine in sight..but it hasn’t been hard at all, and I’ve realised that as much as I love a good drink, the positives have far outweighed the FOMO!  Now don’t get me wrong, I haven’t had a lobotomy and am not suddenly going teetotal, but aside from the obvious lack of hangovers as a tick in the pros column, I’ve realised that a few weeks of being hangover free have given me a few things and I’m making a note so that I can pull this out next year when I’ll be talking myself into doing it all over again.. !


It’s so strange, and pretty hard to describe really, but I genuinely feel like cutting out drinking has given me more time.  Time on a Saturday morning to get ready and have a relaxing brekkie (before football matches kick off) rather than bumbling around in a bit of a pained fog and bellowing because I can’t find a matching pair of Wakehurst socks!  Time on a Sunday to enjoy the full morning with the boys rather than getting going at lunchtime because we’ve had drinks the night before.  And it’s not because I drink a lot but because I am bloody rubbish at bouncing back the following day and I’ve realised that I’m getting worse as I get older.  I have friends who can have a great old night out and still be off to the beach with their kids first thing the next morning and I wish that were me but it’s not; I’m a wallower and a groaner and just feel that if I can’t hack it anymore then I need to get a grip and not do it..harsh but fair!


I am never as patient as I want to be and can’t always blame it on being a feisty redhead.  And I find that my patience wears very thin when I’m battling a hangover.  You know those moments where you become shouty mum because they can’t do a double knot properly even though you know that you’re being totally unreasonable and getting exasperated because you feel rubbish and just want to get them out the door to soccer. So yes, I have noticed that although I am by no means perfect, I am far far more patient now that I am hangover free every weekend and it’s a great feeling!


And over the last few weeks with all my newfound patience, time on my hands and non booze-addled brain cells firing on all cylinders, I’ve had a good old think about what I want to focus on for the rest of this year, and aside from being a good mum – which is a given – I want to focus a bit more on me. As I think that like most mums I put myself quite far down the pecking order behind the boys, my husband, work, homework and school life, activities, house stuff etc etc. So, I’ve decided that whilst I won’t be hanging up my Riedel glasses any time soon – my husband’s a great cook and I love eating his food with a glass of great wine and having bubbles with the girls – I will be more mindful of when I do and don’t drink. And I want to focus on healthier eating and taking some tentative steps back towards veganism which will require a whole load of planning and probably me learning to cook as that would make life a hell of a lot easier and prevent me withering into a nutritionally deprived husk.  Which will undoubtedly be amusing for all concerned as I’m the antithesis of a domestic goddess; ask anybody who knows me! And finally I want to make sure that I continue to make time to read lots and also to write lots – for pleasure that is as it’s also what I do for a living – so a whole lot of goals really.

I’m excited and will keep you posted!





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