Where should you invest in your beauty routine?

Where should you invest in your beauty routine?

I’m probably the worst person to write this as I’m a more is more kind of girl with beauty, but even with my excessive shopping habits, and lack of ability to pass up Charlotte Tilbury’s Limited Editions and the latest Nars collaborations, there are still things that I believe drugstore brands do just as well, if not better. So here is where I invest in my beauty routine; the beauty products that I spend my dollars on and those that are drugstore all the way!



This is a non-negotiable, particularly now that I’m in my 40s as I know that if my skin’s not looking its best, then no amount of foundation will make a difference and I’ll look like a haggard old boot.  So, skincare is a huge focus for me and where I probably spend a hefty proportion of my beauty dollars.  I’d say that my cleansers are all middle of the road from a price point – and you can definitely get some reasonably priced French drugstore options from the likes of Priceline – but where I definitely think that you get what you pay for and should invest in if you can, are your eye creams, serums and treatments, as the more active the product, the higher the price tag.  I typically spend a fair bit on my moisturisers as well; as I’ve got older, I’m definitely on the drier side and like to buy richer tubs of loveliness that are pumped full of anti aging goodness.


And staying on the theme of base, and whilst there are definitely some cracking options in the drugstore, I’m happy to pay for a good foundation as you’re typically getting more sophisticated formulations, technology and a nuanced shade range which is important when you’re delightfully pale like me. My particular favourites at the moment are Charlotte Tilbury’s Light Wonder and Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk.


Talking all things quality, powders are again a category where I’m happy to spend my money, to ensure that they’re finely milled and not too chalky, and meld in with the skin rather than sit on top of it, which some of the cheaper, less sophisticated formulations can do.  Again, I appreciate that there are drugstore exceptions – I know some people swear by the likes of Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder and Milani Baked Blush – but I find that the likes of Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Finish and Cheek to Chic and Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Powders give a beautiful finish and are so worth it!


I’ve got boxes of lipsticks at all ends of the colour and price spectrum – and am particularly partial to Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lip Colour in Sand – but generally speaking get turned off by most lippies in the drugstore.  I think that a lot of it has to do with fragrance as I find many of them to be overly perfumed and floral which I really don’t like.  And this isn’t just the case for drugstore finds I know, I have the same problem with Chanel and Bobbi Brown lippies too, but find them the exception rather than the norm. And on a final (totally superficial note) I have to say that there’s nothing better than pulling out a Dior or Charlotte Tilbury bullet from your clutch when you’re out!



I have a serious eyeshadow palette habit and yes, who doesn’t want to have the entire collection of Charlotte Tilbury and Tom Ford quads, but there really are some budget friendly brands and you don’t need to spend stupid amounts to get good colour pay off and shade selections.  Maybelline is a cracking place to start; from their eyeshadows (love the Burgundy Bar), to their Color Tattoo eyeshadow pots and pencils to Zoeva who do an awesome array of affordable palettes with a million different colourways and Sephora Collection’s basic palettes.


This one’s a no brainer.  Yes, there are some expensive goodies out there, but you really don’t need to splash the cash to get a good curl and given that mascara is the one thing in our collections that we should probably replace the most frequently, the drugstore is where it’s at. My current collection features Maybelline, Bourjois and L’Oréal and I can’t recommend them enough!


And last but not least, as concealer is the silver bullet for annoying blemishes and late nights – so a critical part of the makeup bag and you need to get it right – you can definitely get what you need at the drugstore. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer is a cracking dupe for Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eye Eraser Concealer has a cult following for a reason and is a lightweight formula that goes beautifully under the eyes and Rimmel Match Perfection is a good all-rounder.

So that’s what I like to spend my money on and where I invest my beauty dollars.  Where do you save and where do you splurge?





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