June Favourites

June Favourites

I love June. It’s my wedding anniversary on the 2nd, my husband’s birthday on the 9th (so always falls on the Queen’s birthday long weekend) and just always seems to be a fun month. And this one was no exception with a couple of big nights out, a new TV obsession and some beauty finds and rediscoveries.

So, starting with my wedding, we celebrated it in typically ‘romantic’ style at Café del Mar listening to Boy George DJing but what do you expect after 17 years of marriage..?!  It was actually a brilliant night at a gorgeous venue – watching the sun go down on the deck overlooking Darling Harbour and listening to great music is pretty special – and it was nice to frock up, have a glass of bubbles (or 7) and have a laugh with mates. And the best present of all?  My mate had our boys for a sleepover, so I could get ready in peace and survive my hangover without having to make breakfast for two hyperactive little people.  Score!

On the subject of pressies, the boy did good this year.  He got me the latest Byredo Velvet Haze – which is a heady scent (and unlikely mix of musk and patchouli) and unlike anything I’ve ever owned, and I love it – the lip palette from the Nars Erdem collection which is almost too pretty to use and a book on beauty.  He doesn’t know me well at all!

Staying on the subject of beauty, I’ve been obsessed with a few bits this month.  Sorry to bore you about all things Charlotte Tilbury but I just love her stuff, she can’t put a foot wrong at the moment and I have not been able to get enough of her Hollywood Flawless Filter and Light Wonder this month. I even waxed lyrical about the joy that is this delicious combo in a blog post so have a read if you’d like to find out more.  Suffice it to say that the Hollywood Flawless Filter is the product of dreams.  Is it a primer? Is it a highlighter? A bit of both, a bit of everything I say.  It gives a beautiful, subtle, golden glow and my ‘go to’ way of wearing it is on the high points of my face and in conjunction with her Light Wonder foundation, which is a beautiful light coverage base.  Love it!

I’ve also been having a bit of an eyeshadow moment again.  I own a bazillion palettes and go through phases of wearing eyeshadow every day to leaving them gathering dust in my beauty drawers.  This month has definitely been a pro eyeshadow month, I’ve bought a couple of new palettes and enjoyed having a rummage around my collection to rediscover old favourites and getting them back into rotation.  As I’ve got older, I’ve noticed that my eyes have become more hooded, so I find that a bit of eyeshadow in the crease makes all the difference and have been dipping into a lot of my fave neutral palettes.

My hunt for the perfect mascara continues.  I actually thought that I’d be talking to you about the L’Oréal Paris Paradise mascara in this post today as a couple of weeks ago I thought that I could finally understand what everybody what talking about.  But alas, two weeks on, it’s back to being a smudgy mess on me and I need a plan B!

On to the wonderful world of TV, as we all know that I love love love a good TV series, I stumbled across a corker this month and binge watched 4 series in an embarrassingly short amount of time. In my defence the episodes are only 20 minutes long, so maybe that’s not so embarrassing? Maybe.  The series in question is Younger and it’s bloody great.  It’s all about Liza, a 40 old newly separated mum of one who can’t get a job because she’s been out of the workforce for so long so passes herself off as 26 to land herself a job in a publishing house. But that was the easy part because she’s now got to make sure that her secret doesn’t get out. Throw in Hilary Duff as her 26 old colleague, her feisty gay BFF Maggie and a love triangle with her gorgeous 26 year old boyfriend Josh and equally gorgeous boss Charles and we’re in business. And just for the record, I’m team Charles!

And thinking about women in their 40s behaving badly, that brings me to my fave moment of the month, which has got to be me dancing around in an angel costume at a Christmas in Not Quite July party to raise money for my sons’ school.  Yep, definitely a night that you don’t want to see photos of, but it was very amusing.  All of my mates dressed up in various ‘attractive’ Christmas outfits, we ate, drank and were very merry and raised loads of money for our little school.  In typical me style I was somewhat of a fallen angel, who broke her wing on the way to the party and had to be stapled back into my costume, but life would be boring without a bit of drama wouldn’t it..?!

So that was my June, how was yours and what are up to this month?



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