Are Dior Addict Lip Glows worth the hype?

Are Dior Addict Lip Glows worth the hype?

I stumbled across these little tubes of loveliness a year or so ago now after listening to the Full Coverage podcast. Lindsey Kelk –  one of the hosts and a proper beauty junkie so I can totally relate to her – talked about these little superstars in a few episodes, waxing lyrical about how they were the perfect shade of pink, how she’d gone through a handful already and had one in every bag and the car.   ‘Nuff said Lindsey I thought; if it’s good enough for you (and your pale skin) then it’s good enough for me!  So off I went.  This was back when there was only the one shade – the original pink – and although I wasn’t chuffed about the $49 price tag I couldn’t resist it and I’m so pleased that I did as I’m a total convert.  I now have three and think they’re must haves, so if you’re thinking about treating yourself but are not sure whether to invest, here is a short, sharp overview of the three that I own and my thoughts on why Dior Addict Lip Glows are totally worth the hype.

Original Glow – Pink

The OG – and some say the best of the Lip Glow family – this clever formulation reacts to the unique chemistry of each woman’s lips, bringing out their natural hue to give a pretty flush of colour that suits the individual skin tone. On me, depending on how many layers I apply, this can range from a barely perceptible, rosy lip balm to a cool – toned bluey pink, so I tend to go lighter on the layers and if it gets too cool will balance it out with a nude lipliner.  I love how easy this is, the minty smell and that I can apply it (and reapply it) without a mirror; I can wear it for a day with a client when I’m looking for a simple polished look or can throw it into my clutch bag at night when I have a smokey eye and want to balance it out with a pinkey nude lip.  So versatile and so pretty!

Original Glow – Coral

My second Lip Glow and I love it.  Same formula, same subtle prettiness and on me it looks a pretty, corally pink that I like to wear  when I’ve got greys or cooler tones on my eyes or am just not in a pink mood. Despite being a slightly deeper colour than the pink, I can still apply it without a mirror and touch up throughout the day without any drama.  Because yes, whilst they’re pretty,  smell delicious and I’m a big fan of the colours and the shiny, subtle tint that they give, they don’t last all day but then what balm does?!  I’m properly obsessed now and think that I’ll be adding Raspberry and Berry to my collection soon!

Matte Glow – Raspberry

Having spotted that they’d unveiled two new finishes – Matte and Holographic – to sit alongside the original Glows, I skipped along to DJ and couldn’t resist picking up the shade Raspberry. I love that this is a bit of a hybrid product and sits between a balm and a matte stain; it’s essentially a tinted balm with a velvety, matte finish which plumps and enhances lips making them feel hydrated and nourished at the same time.  I’d imagine that it would also work well as a base for a more uncomfortable matte lipstick. I love this when I’m doing a really simple eye so want a statement lip that’s low maintenance.  Is that possible I hear you cry; with this bad boy absobloodylutely?!  I’ve worn this as a daytime appropriate bold lip – suitable for a day of meetings – as well as when I’ve been out for drinks and laughs with the girls. What I love about this finish is that it’s given me confidence to wear a bold lip at night again as I’ve been leaning towards a smokey eye/nude lip combo as bold lips are just too high maintenance.  With this, it’s just so easy; it stayed as a nice stain for a couple of hours but then was super easily touched up in the loos with no precision required.  The lazy girl’s answer to a bold, foolproof lip! At this stage the only other matte shade is Matte Pink which I do need to go and test drive as whilst I love the formulation, a matte light pink is probably not the best look for a pale ginger!

As you can see I haven’t tried either of the Holographic shades and doubt that I will; at the age of 44, I’m not sure that sparkle on my lips is the look that I need to go for, but we’ll see!

So that’s my ode to Dior Addict Lip Glows and why I think that they’re absolutely worth the hype!  Do you own any; what’s your fave?


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