Book Review: The Outsider

Book Review: The Outsider

I bloody loved this book; it’s vintage King in all its glory!  The review should just read “read it read it read it because you’re an idiot if you don’t” but that might short change you a bit. And be well..rude. So, in an attempt to do a wee bit better than that, and to convince you that you really need this on your reading pile, here is my short and sharp review of The Outsider by Stephen King.

I grew up reading Stephen King and he has a very special place in my heart. I haven’t read one of his novels for a while and this reminded me after only a couple of pages why he’s one of my absolute faves and that I need to get right back on the horror horse!

I don’t want to spoil it for you – as you must read it – but the premise is all around the implausibility of being able to be in two places at the same time. The impossible alibi. A gruesome murder occurs in a small town and with compelling DNA evidence and eye witnesses, it looks cut and dried and a beloved local is arrested, much to everyone’s distress. But then the inexplicable happens, video footage is found of him miles away at an event surrounded by hundreds of people at the exact time that the murder occurred so how could he have committed this heinous act? The plot gets twistier and darker as lives are lost, questions are asked and parallels are drawn between this and another horrific murder where the main suspect is identified at the scene of the murder yet known to be elsewhere at the same time. It soon becomes apparent that dark, evil forces are at hand and nothing is as it seems.

So why is this so good? The characters are great – I loved Ralph and Holly particularly – as is King’s skilful personification of good and evil. He’s such a talented storyteller and the way that he presents the disturbing and abnormal in a way that is so believable floors me every time!

King is just incredible at building suspense, situations and scenarios that are off key and with a hint of the supernatural making this a book – like many of his others – that I stopped reading once it got too dark!

He’s my writing hero and I love him, his imagination and this disturbing tale so please read it, it will not disappoint! I’ll be over here binge reading the Bill Hodges trilogy if you need me!


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