My 10 favourite podcasts

My 10 favourite podcasts

As somebody who has always got her nose in a book, can’t stand the inane banter of cheesy broadcasters on the radio and rarely listens to music, the idea of podcasts just didn’t float my boat when they first hit the market. But when so many of the influencers and creatives that I followed seemed to jump on the bandwagon, and in particular Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton launched their ‘At Home With..’ series, I just couldn’t resist having a bit of a listen and seeing what all the fuss was about.  And after listening to a few of their episodes and deciding that their lack of research was ‘charming’ and that it was an easy listening stream of happy babble – the audio equivalent of having a cuppa with a couple of girlfriends – I haven’t looked back.  As somebody who works for myself – I’m a freelance copywriter – and has to drive their own personal development, I find that the majority of stuff that I listen to is focused on creativity, marketing, writing and blogging with a good helping of inspirational interviews and beauty product bants thrown in for good measure. I have a fair few that I listen to regularly so thought that I’d share my favourites in case you fancy a listen. So here without further ado are my current favourite podcasts!


For all things Beauty..


Full Coverage

The second podcast that I ever listened to – and I’m a massive fan and devoted listener now –  is Harriet Hadfield AKA Harry Makes It Up and Lindsey Kelk’s brainchild, Full Coverage.  As they position themselves, Harry is a professional makeup artist and Lindsey is an unprofessional beauty junkie (and author); both POMs living in L.A. they live and breathe beauty (which I can relate to) and talk all things product, trends and innovations with the odd interview thrown into the mix.  Think the likes of Caroline Hirons, Sali Hughes and Hannah Martin from Bobbi Brown; right up my alley!


Breaking Beauty

This one is a newer find and the Canadian counterpart to Full Coverage.  It’s a slick operation led by Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins – compared to Harry & Lindsey’s more informal vibe of recording in their kitchen over a glass of prosecco – and they’re bolder, a wee bit brasher but super knowledgeable and in the know with latest launches and technologies. I enjoyed listening to their interview with RMS Founder Rose-Marie Swift and will definitely be going back for more!


 For all things Inspirational..


At Home with Lily Pebbles & Anna Newton

A mentioned this was the first podcast that sucked me into this chatty world and I’m looking forward to listening to Season 2 which they’re currently filming.  As they started off in the beauty blogging world, their guests in Season 1 were a fab mix of iconic brand founders such as Liz Earle, Georgie Cleeve (Oskia) and Terry de Gunzburg  (of By Terry fame) and influencers/peers such as Giovanna Fletcher & Zoella Sugg, so lots of fascinating women that I knew of and/or followed which I lapped up!


Happy Mum Happy Baby

I love Giovanni.  She’s talented, bloody hard-working (she’s an author, presenter, actress, singer, YouTuber to name a few of the many hats that she wears) and I particularly love her vlogs and peeking in to her home life with her hubbie (and fellow author) Tom Fletcher and their gorgeous boys. So, when she started a podcast I knew that it would be a good one.  My boys aren’t in baby territory anymore (am half relieved, half sad about that!) but I still love listening to her very open, honest and frank conversations with other celeb mums and dads about their parenting journeys. No subject are off limits so expect some tear jerkers in here!


Mamma Mia’s Lady Start Up

I’m loving this one at the moment. I like having a listen when I need a dollop of entrepreneurial motivation as it’s a podcast about women in business and tells you everything that you need to know to start your own and how others have done it for themselves and it’s these stories (with the likes of Roxy Jacenko from Sweaty Betty PR and Janine Allis from Boost Juice) that I love.  My fave so far has been the interview with Jo Horgan, the founder of MECCA; a total must listen for me as a beauty nerd and uber fan of her brand.


All things Small Biz and Creative..


Stop Collaborate & Listen

Run by Jessica Ruhfus from Collabosaurus, a cool brand matchmaking business, this is the podcast for you if you’re interested in getting into the nitty gritty of marketing strategy across partnerships, digital advertising, PR and social media.  They’re short and sharp episodes (which is always a win – I love a good learning bite!) and is aimed at freelancers, startups, SMEs, marketers and publicists.


One Girl Band

In a similar vein but focused on female entrepreneurs and creatives who work for and by themselves, this one is full of practical tips and advice from people running their own businesses. There are episodes on subjects such as mindset, self-care and confidence, as well as the more practical side of business from content marketing through to goal setting.


The Janet Murray Show

This is one of my favourites and is a great resource for marketing and PR know how.  It’s really practical and bite sized advice on anything and everything from building LinkedIn engagement to building a sales funnel.  Janet Murray’s goal is to help you create a marketing system for your business that will generate a constant stream of leads and sales so covers areas such as blogging, email marketing, social media, press, live streaming, webinars, Facebook advertising etc etc.  She’s like having a small business coach whispering in your ear!


What She Said

Showcasing fellow bloggers and their very different career journeys, this one’s a must have for any blogger or wannabee blogger. Lucy’s gorgeous, very self-deprecating and a bit giggly, but she knows her stuff, is very passionate about her daughter, their vegan journey and their families approach to minimalism, plastic free and slower living and seeking the truth in everything that she does.  You just can’t help but love her and go back for more.


Hashtag Authentic

Hosted by Sara Tasker, the original Instagram guru, this is for creatives and focuses on helping you find your community and audience online. With lots of practical tips and inspiring stories, Sara (from the blog Me & Orla) guides you through the lessons and strategies she used to grow her 300k+ audience and six-figure business online, giving you an insider’s view of all things Instagram, blogging, social media and beyond. It’s a bloody useful place to hang out!

So that’s it, here are my current fave podcasts but I’m sure that this list will keep on growing! Are there any that you recommend?


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