How to use Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter

How to use Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter

This is the latest addition to my growing Charlotte Tilbury collection and it’s rapidly becoming one of my favourites! I was a little bit hesitant when I pondered buying it as I thought that it might be too disco ballish on my fair skin.  Well, as always, the lure of another beautiful Charlotte Tilbury product line is just too much to resist so I bought it despite my slight reservations and have to say that I’m loving it and wear it most days in fact.  As always I like to experiment with the different ways that a new product can work for me, so thought that I’d share the love in case you’ve bought it, are considering buying it, or wondering how you’ll incorporate it into your complexion routine. And here is how I like to use Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter.

So first off, what does the lovely Charlotte Tilbury say about the product because the great thing about her brand is that she always includes detailed tutorials and content to accompany her product launches:

This is a customisable, complexion booster that gives everyone super starlit skin in seconds. With the versatility of a primer, the mega-watt glow of a highlighter and the perfecting properties of your favourite digital filter, the Hollywood Flawless Filter was born on the red carpet, inspired by technology!

And what does that mean?  Well essentially it’s a multipurpose product that you can incorporate into your complexion routine to dial up your glow from subtle luminescence to full on sexy robot (and everything in between) and I like to use it in 4 different ways: a primer

So, this is where it can operate as more of a primer (under foundation) and I like to use it in this way when I’m having a particularly dull skin day as it brings a beautiful, golden hue to the base that I then put on top. For reference, I have a handful of illuminating primers in my collection – my fave is the Becca Backlight Priming Filter – and this is the most golden of the bunch. As a redhead with pink undertones I typically err towards cooler toned products, but this is so pretty and refined that I can pull it off.  Again, and as mentioned before, when selecting a primer think about the type of skin that you have and what you are looking to achieve.  If you’re on the oiler side, using a product like this as a primer is probably not for you but have no fear I still think that you can enjoy it using method number 2!

In strategic a complexion booster

This is my favourite way to use the Hollywood Flawless Filter.  I apply it (straight on to my skin with the doe foot applicator) on to the high points of the face to highlight my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, my chin and cupid’s bow and then buff it in gently.  I’ll then use a glowy/complementary foundation with finger tips or a brush and blend that in where it’s needed.  I find that this technique works beautifully with Charlotte Tilbury’s Light Wonder Foundation and is my fave go to combo.

Mix it in with your foundation

This is particularly effective when looking to dial up the glowy factor of a more satin/matte foundation and when you’re looking to change the finish. Mix equal parts of your base and the Hollywood Flawless Filter (or whichever ratio works best for you) and then apply with a brush or fingers as you would your normal foundation.  It’s a fun and effective way to experiment with the finishes of your foundation collection and another reason why this is such a useful addition to your complexion stash!

Solo for maximum glow!

And finally, and because less can be more, you can use Hollywood Flawless Filter on its own as a glowy base product with a little bit of concealer (where needed) to correct any redness or blemishes. This gives a lit from within, super glossy look but is not for the faint hearted as whilst there are perfecting properties in there that subtly blur and deflect there’s not much coverage, so it’s probably not for you if you have oilier skin, pigmentation or scarring.  I have combination skin so employ this technique on my perfect (ish) skin days and steer away from adding too much on the t zone where I can get a little shiny; I can see how this would come into its own on a normal to drier skin though!

So, there you go, my love letter to Charlotte Tilbury’s Flawless Filter; I am currently in the middle of writing about my favourite Charlotte Tilbury products and this will certainly be making the cut!


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