May Favourites

May Favourites

Bloody hell, that was a full on month, which is reflected in the few paltry blogs that I managed to squeeze out and the work/life balance that I failed to achieve. Or maybe I did achieve it. It was a great month work wise with a new writing client – and another on the horizon –  and it was stuffed full of fun family stuff which was great. It was just my blog that I didn’t manage to keep up with but maybe that’s ok as you can’t do everything all of the time. Well I can’t. But it has made me determined to prioritise the blog this month as I’ve missed writing it; it’s very much a passion project and a favourite part of my week.

Anyhoo being crap aside, it’s been a busy kind of month so let me tell you what I loved in the month of May.


So, beauty was a mix of new discoveries and rediscovered old favourites last month.

First off, my fave shiny new things were Dior Addict Lip Glows in Coral and Matte Raspberry which I’d been coveting for ages, went straight into my makeup bag and were my lip colours of choice for the majority of the month. I know that they’re expensive – with a hefty $49 price tag – but I absolutely love them and reach for them most days which make them worth it in my books.

And my second find (and new love) is the RMS “Un” Cover-Up concealer. I’m all about a sheer/light base with pinpoint concealing and love the creamy texture of this and that it’s in a little pot so can be used for touch ups without a brush.  I’m a big fan of all things high impact with minimal effort!

On to oldies but goodies, I’ve been loving IT Cosmetics CC cream as always as it’s such a fail-safe, apply and go option in the morning. Talking about nice and easy, I’ve also been loving Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Look in a Palette; I have the Natural Beauty iteration but am definitely going to sneak the Beauty Glow version in my cart when I do my next order. I just love that there’s basically everything that you need for a lazy face with no thinking required..painting by numbers literally!


On to life, I had a bit of a musical interlude in May which is very strange for me. It’s not that I’m a music hater, I’m just a big fan of peace and quiet and if I find myself alone in the house, which is a rarity, relish the silence and am more likely to read or write than reach for Spotify. Maybe that comes from being surrounded by noisy boys 24/7?!

Anyhoo, the Greatest Showman changed that for me this month. I watched it with the boys who were a bit skeptical (6 year old’s quote of the movie: ‘Why is that when they’re sad they start singing?’) but I loved it and have been monopolising the Spotify account ever since, bellowing the songs as I potter around the house.

And even stranger – for me – we went to a gig! Well we went to see Angus & Julia Stone just to put things into perspective, we’re not talking anything too crazy. My hubbie’s a big fan; I thought that I wouldn’t have been able to pick them out of a line up but turns out that I knew loads of the playlist and had a great time. It was just great to do something on a Tuesday night other than work or sit in front of Netflix watching shite TV!

And finally, we’ve had a few family events this month with Mother’s Day, my big man turning 11, the school athletics carnival and my annual pilgrimage to Lovedale for the Lovedale Long Lunch with my school mum mates…so there were a lot of proud mum moments and wine drinking seshes in May.

Particular highlights were seeing my eldest’s classmates singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him whilst he watched on with pink cheeks – half mortified, half chuffed to bits – and then watching as he competed at the athletics carnival and hung around with his friends, realising that despite his shyness he’s well-adjusted and liked, has got a great group of mates and is just doing really well. Love that little man!

We took his best mates (and brother) to Skyzone for a low-key birthday back flip extravaganza and then had them over for a sleepover.  It was all about Fortnite, inane YouTubers and boy chat and was really amusing to see them in action!

Mother’s Day was its usual special day filled with thoughtful pressies, amusing cards and cuddles with my boys and last but not least, was my Lovedale Long Lunch which was the usual crazy weekend that I’ve come to know and love. My third now with my gorgeous group of school mum mates, we spent three days together in the Hunter Valley drinking wine, dancing like muppets, laughing until it hurt and basically not being mums for the weekend. Did we miss our little people? Absolutely.  But did we need that time away to recharge and appreciate mumhood that little but more? Hell yes! Long may that fabulous tradition continue!


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