The best light coverage foundations

The best light coverage foundations

I’ve always had pretty good skin thankfully and that can only be attributed to genetics as I did nothing to help the cause in my 20s! I’ve always been a makeup junkie but got seriously into skincare in my 30s and still love it to this day.  I firmly believe that you can’t put great makeup on shite skin, it’ll look horrendous; focus on your skincare, prep your base and a much better (and more natural) result will follow. You’ll also use less product which is a total win win in my books too! And because I take care of my skin, and generally prefer a lighter base anyhoo – I don’t mind freckles and a bit of imperfection shining through – most days will see me reaching for a light coverage foundation, tinted moisturiser or BB cream; they’re all the same kind of thing if you ask me.  So, if you’re looking for a new base, and don’t want an Insta face full of makeup, here are my five favourite light coverage foundations.

MAC Face and Body

Probably the sheerest pick of the bunch and an old favourite, I bloody love this stuff! Depending on my mood, I splash it on with fingers or apply with my trusty Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and love the natural, glowy finish that it gives. If it’s a hot sticky day (I live in Sydney) I may sweep a touch of powder through my t-zone but on a normal day will leave it at that. You can layer it and build it up to more of a medium coverage, but I rarely do; for me its sheerness is the reason I love it. I think everybody should have a bottle of this, it’s fab!

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue

I vacillate between loving this and then being unsure again but know that so many of the Youtubers and bloggers that I follow (and rate) love this so I’ve persevered; I hate to feel like I’m missing out or am being a complete gimp and not applying it in the right way to achieve the best effect!  What I love love love is its luminosity and texture; billed as a tinted, hydrating gel cream it gives sheer to light, natural coverage, is silky and almost mousse like and all about the glow which is right up my alley. I find that it applies best with fingers and like to use this when I’m looking for that barely there, your skin but better vibe, when you really can’t be arsed to have a makeup day. The fact that it has a SPF of 30+ is a bonus and it’s definitely worth checking out in your local Mecca.

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro Glow Foundation

I reviewed this after trying it for a couple of weeks (so have a read if you’d like more info) and I have to say that my opinion hasn’t changed. It’s lightweight, all about the glow (so maybe not one for oilier complexions) and is very Face and Body esque which is probably why I like it. It’s the cheapest of the bunch on paper –  I always like to dig out good drugstore offerings – and given that there are regular discounts in Woolies and Priceline you’ll be able to get this for a great price, so keep your eyes peeled and grab it when you see it!

Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 30 +

This is a very old fave and I always have a tube lurking around in my foundation drawer. Bobbi Brown was my first makeup love (in my early 20s), I’ve remained a big fan since and this is a cracking product.  I’d say that this has the most coverage of the 5 despite being a BB cream; it’s creamy, brightening (with its light reflective pigments), has lots of great ingredients in it as a skincare/makeup hybrid (along with a SPF of 30+) and as with my other BB/CC creams I apply with my fingers for best effect. I do find that this picks up on texture (on my skin) so make sure that I have exfoliated and thoroughly moisturised before using this one.

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Youth-Boosting Perfect Skin Foundation

And last but certainly not least is my current fave, Light Wonder. If you’ve read my blog before or follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve got a bit of a love affair going on with Charlotte Tilbury. I’ve loved everything that I’ve tried of hers and this foundation is no exception; it’s gorgeous. It’s super lightweight and runny (make sure that you give it a good shake beforehand) and I apply it typically with my fingers to give a very pretty, glossy, hydrated, illuminated finish.  It’s pretty sheer so be prepared to pinpoint conceal blemishes or pigmentation but it’s so worth the effort and I can’t recommend this enough; I’m on bottle number 2 and envisage that I’ll get through many more!

I hope that this has been helpful.  Are there any that I’ve missed or that you’d recommend as I love trying out new bases?!


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