11 things I now know about 11 year old boys!

11 things I now know about 11 year old boys!
  1. The eye roll, shrug and sigh replace cuddles, smiles and giggles..don’t get me wrong my gentle, little man is still in there but the tween in the making makes an appearance with alarming frequency.
  2. Hygiene is a dirty word..do you see what I did there?! Teeth brushing, showers and brushing hair are replaced by a can’t be arsed attitude. Taunting them with promises of zits and greasy hair as puberty makes an appearance can sometimes kick them into touch. Sometimes.
  3. They eat. A LOT.  All the time. I don’t know where they put it, but I fear that I may be buying Woollies out of weetbix, bagels and bread!
  4. The playdate disappears in favour of ‘hanging out’ preferably away from home and even more importantly away from annoying little brothers.The local shops with a few grubby coins in their pockets to buy chocolate or Maccas (the mothership) is the preference.
  5. PDAs are banned. Thank god I still have an affectionate 6 year old to squidge and kiss goodbye at the school gates.  Not so much my 11 year old who keeps a wary eye on me at all times for fear I may lunge at him and shower him with kisses.
  6. Technology is everything. They may talk to their mates for 6 hours at school but then want to text, IM and chat on PS4 for hours on end if they’re allowed. All in riveting three-word sentences. The text equivalent of grunts or 11 year old boy talk!
  7. A blossoming and fluent vocabulary becomes replaced by the catch all response of ‘good’.  A versatile friend, this will be the answer of choice when asked about school, a test, a friend, their lunch.
  8. And listening just goes right out of the window.  Whether they’re locked into the matrix/the given device that you’re trying to pry out of their clammy little fingers, playing with their brother or just dutifully ignoring you, I find the listening (or lack thereof) the reason for many a morning of seething as I take out my frustration on ramming their lunch into their lunchbox which will promptly make its way to the lost property box.
  9. They know every Fortnite dance move and will break into a floss at a moment’s notice. Don’t know what I’m talking about? I envy you. It’s a series of ‘amusing’ dances that the characters do in a PS4 game and if you have a tween boy, you’ll feel my pain!
  10. They suddenly become camera shy and develop a strong aversion to having their photo taken so your camera roll features a whole lot of frowns, pained expressions, covered faces and back of the heads as they run out of shot!
  11. They pretend to no longer like the ‘kiddy’ shows that your six year old still loves..but when they think you’re not looking they watch and laugh along..! Because despite all of these emerging teen ‘delights’, they are still our baby boys and always will be!





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