Why Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are the best!

Why Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are the best!

My love of Charlotte Tilbury makeup is well documented; I just can’t get enough of its rose gold loveliness!  I love the sheer opulence and over the top fabulousness of the brand and it’s my ‘go to’ when I want to treat myself and add another smattering of luxe to my collection.

I don’t have as much Charlotte Tilbury as I would like – thank god it’s not in store here in Australia yet as I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to resist if I could actually browse and have a play in person – but I’m slowly and steadily building up my stash.  I’ve had a dabble in most categories and love the eyeshadow quads, Look in a Palettes, lip liners and complexion products in particular but my first and truest loves are their lipsticks and I think that Charlotte has just nailed this category!

So here is my ode to Charlotte Tilbury lipstick: a little walk through the ones that I have, the ones that I’m coveting and why you need them in your life.

My first foray into her lipsticks was with Bitch Perfect, as part of the Uptown Girl look which my mum – who knows me so well – generously bought for me a few years ago now.  She went to Selfridges in Birmingham, had a good old chat to the lovely ladies there, told/bored them all about my colouring and was recommended the Uptown Girl look.  And they were spot on, I love it!  I do like a cool toned, greyish eye and this lip was a perfect match.  It’s part of the original K.I.S.S.I.N.G range and is a super pretty, creamy, peachy pink which they pair with the equally creamy Pink Venus lip liner; a peachy coral colour.  Given that I’m a pale redhead, I find that I wear this with a smokier eye and a pop of cheek colour otherwise it washes me out; it’s not an everyday, can wear with anything colour but I do enjoy it when I wear it and whenever I do, I remind myself to incorporate it in to my rotation more often.

And staying in the K.I.S.S.I.N.G family, I then invested in Stoned Rose, basically because Sali Hughes, one of my favourite beauty journos with an encyclopaedic knowledge of product and a very classic make up style, always looked so damn good in it.  I need to persevere with this one a bit more as whilst this warmish coral nude looks effortless, chic and pretty nude on Sali (a brunette), it reads more corally on me.  It’s still very pretty,  I just need to have a bit of a play with it and see how I can make it work with my colouring.

Next up came Walk of Shame and Love Liberty and this was where I truly fell head over heads with the brand as these are part of the Matte Revolution collection, her collection of mattes that have won multiple awards and achieved hall of fame status since launching a few years ago.  They’re matte and long-lasting whilst remaining creamy and easy to wear and the unique, square angled tip of the bullet, which she designed to mimic the shape of a lip brush for perfect application, allows you to be precise so that you can put on even the most vibrant of shades without making a mess!

I loved Walk of Shame from the minute I put it on, so much so that I ordered a backup immediately; it’s a deep berry rose that it is darker than the rest of my rose collection and has a very vintage Christina Hendricks in Mad Men vibe.  Well in my head anyway.  It’s my absolute fave when I want to look a little bit sophis and pulled together and love that I can roll it out for a day in client meetings just as easily as if I want to look a bit chic on the school run.

Love Liberty is my least worn of my collection, but I plan to rectify that this autumn/winter.  It’s berry pink, so pretty and is just perfect for this time of year! Charlotte Tilbury has a darker, grungier, purple berry option in the form of Glastonberry if that’s more your jam and a brighter purple vibe with Hel’s Bells , as part of the Hot Lips series, which she named after her fave celeb clients and friends.

And then came Amazing Grace and Pillow Talk, my favourites and the two most worn shades that I own.

Amazing Grace is touted as a pink coral on the website, but it leans more on the pinker side on my lips and I love it.  I wear it paired with the Uptown Girl eye/look when I’m in the mood for full on glam and want more than Bitch Perfect or with a glowy, fresh complexion and slick of mascara for a paired back, French kind of vibe.  Love it!

And finally, and very fitting to end on this one as it’s proving to be one of her most popular and coveted, is Pillow Talk.  Taken from the iconic Lip Cheat lip liner of the same name and launched after Charlotte was begged by so many to turn their favourite/can’t live without lip liner into a lipstick, this nude-y pink is a classic.  I’ve talked about how I need to wear it before as whilst a nude, it needs to be a ‘make up’ and more is more day for me as if I wear it without much else I look like I’ve been exhumed.  Not the best look!

So that’s my little collection and I have plans to extend it – obviously – and on my current ‘to buy’ list are The Duchess, American Sweetheart and English Beauty. You’d be right in thinking that these nudey, rosy slices of loveliness are probably not a million miles off what I already own but what can I say, I can’t help myself?!

So why do I rate Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks so highly and recommend them to everybody when they ask about my fave lip colour? Yes, they’re $49 so are not the cheapest and definitely fall into the luxe category but they are oh so beautiful and such good quality – down to the deco-esque rose gold, weighty packaging – so if you’re in the market for a treat I really think you should and can look no further.  The formula is creamy – both the K.I.S.S.I.N.G and Matte Revolutions – and the colour selection gorgeous so if you want to pull out a beautiful looking bullet from your clutch on a night out, Charlotte Tilbury has you covered!  Her lipsticks really are the best!



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