Review: L’OREAL PARIS Infallible Pro Glow

Review: L’OREAL PARIS Infallible Pro Glow

It really is all about the base for me at the moment; that eternal quest for the perfect, dewy base that rolls back the years and is a pleasure to wear.  I’m still very much in love with my trusty IT Cosmetics CC Cream in Light but after 3 tubes of the stuff – as a true beauty junkie who’s always searching for the next best thing – have been on the hunt for some new additions to my foundation collection.

And I had high hopes for L’Oréal’s (relatively) new addition to the Infallible family.  The Pro Glow foundation purports to be a 24hr, lightweight, hydrating and longwearing formulation that gives lasting glow and medium coverage, so it sounded right up my alley as I like light to medium coverage and a formulation that’s light on the skin.  I’ve been trialling it for a couple of weeks now, so thought that I’d share my initial thoughts and give you a bit of a review on the L’OREAL PARIS Infallible Pro Glow.


So used to the creamy consistency of the IT Cosmetics CC cream, I was a bit surprised by the super runny texture of this.  It reminded me instantly of MAC’s Face & Body and even another staple in my collection – Charlotte Tilbury’s Light Wonder – and as I’ve gone on to use it with different application techniques, the similarities didn’t end there.


As it’s so runny, this didn’t work for me with a beautyblender at all, as it just absorbs a lot of the product and I find that I use significantly more foundation to get the same effect.  I’ve also been finding lately – when using my beautyblender with more dewy formulations – that the sponge seems to suck the moisture out of my skin and mattifies the finish which is so odd and could just be me of course!  So, I’ve experimented with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – similar to how I apply Face and Body – to buff the product into the skin and have been pleased with the effect.  I’ve also enjoyed using fingers as I find the heat from my fingertips helps to massage the product in seamlessly and almost activates the glow.  I’ve experimented with a couple of different primers – more hydrating than illuminating given the formulation – but I’ve found that less is more with this one and that it sits best on simply well moisturised skin.

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder; MAC Face & Body; L’OREAL PARIS Pro Glow


It’s such a personal thing isn’t it but on me this is definitely more light than medium and very similar to the coverage that I get with Face & Body and Light Wonder.  It certainly doesn’t compare to IT Cosmetics which is medium to full – I sheer it out to a medium – so is one for the school run rather than a day with clients for me.


24 hours?  Nowhere near for me I’m afraid.  I have to say as a disclaimer here though that it’s been very humid here in Sydney over the past few weeks, so it’s certainly been put through its paces.  I checked in after about 9 hours on a couple of days and it hadn’t fared too badly i.e. my nose was a little on the shiny side and I’d rubbed off a fair bit around my chin, but I have to say that I’d expect that from my lighter coverage foundations, so I wasn’t disappointed.  Given the desired finish on this, I also didn’t want to powder/over powder to try and increase longevity as that seemed to miss the point slightly.

Value for Money

Sticking with the comparisons above, Charlotte Tilbury’s Light Wonder is $70 for 40 ml, MAC Face & Body is $50 for 50 ml and L’OREAL PARIS Pro Glow is $27.95 for 30 ml so yes it’s the cheapest on paper – and you can regularly find good deals at Priceline to bring that price down further  –  but interestingly if you compare it ml for ml, it’s pretty comparable to Face & Body.  Given the choice between the two I have to say that I’d go for my tried and tested Face & Body as you can build it up a little more to a Medium coverage and I get a more flawless finish with it.


Would I recommend it and buy it again? Sorry to sit on the fence but the jury’s out with this one. I love finding reasonably priced, drug store equivalents to higher end products as not all of us can or want to spend our hard-earned dollars on just one item of makeup and this is nice enough.  I will carry on using it to see how my thoughts evolve, particularly as the weather cools down and it’s not as humid, as I suspect this may increase the longevity; I’ll keep you posted.

Was this review helpful?  Have you tried L’OREAL PARIS Infallible Pro Glow?  What did you think?



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