February Favourites

February Favourites

It’s that time again when I reflect on what I’ve been loving in a particular month and my February favourites are quite an eclectic bunch now that I look at them..but hey that’s me!

Kicking off with an old favourite, February was the month of Friends, not my mates but Ross and Rachel kind of Friends; the TV show that I was addicted to in the 90s and thanks to the lovely people at Stan can dust off as and when I fancy some nostalgic giggles.  And good god I’ve been doing just that..watching a cheeky episode when I wash up, sort out the washing, potter around the house, organise my office..to the point when my six year old started humming ‘I’ll be there for you..” Enough already; think I need an intervention!

On to more grown up (ish) things and no surprise really as I love love love stationery, but February was the month when I really enjoyed using my Kate Spade Agenda Diary and my Leuchtturm journal.  Now Leuchtturm’s having its moment in the sun as everybody seems to be bullet journal mad at the minute and Leuchtturm make the original – and some say the only worth trying –  Bullet Journal.  But I don’t use it for that.  I quite fancy the idea of bullet journaling actually but haven’t had the time or energy to look into it properly yet, so at the moment just love this style of notebook because it a) has dotted lines so is really versatile for writing, sketching and mapping things out visually and b) has an index which I bloody love as I’m a copious note taker which is useful but only if you can bloody find what you’re looking for!  And on the organisation front, I’m also really enjoying my Kate Spade diary. I use it very specifically for content planning for this blog – as opposed to for my freelance work – as I like to manage both sides of my work life separately and this has become the creative space where I map out my ideas across the areas that I write about and plan the photos that I need to take. Love it.

And kind of in a planning vein also – what is with this planning, I must have had a lobotomy last month – February was also the month that I got a bit more organised on the home front.  The school holidays always send my routine and work/life balance up in the air so February (after the boys are safely back at school – hoorah) is when I get myself back on track and decide how I want the year to look and I’ve made some good inroads this year.  Firstly, I’m attacking my finances and financial planning, and have started to read The Barefoot Investor and I’m really enjoying it so far.  I’ll write a separate post if you’re interested – as I think that it has the potential to be life changing to be honest – but suffice it to say it’s not a boring theoretical text about budgeting as I wouldn’t have lasted two pages; it’s jammed packed with practical advice and makes a lot of sense.  And on the work/life balance front, time is always my enemy in that I never feel like I have enough of it, so I’ve tried to make some practical aspects of the week a hell of a lot easier.  I’ve started to buy food and booze online and so far Vinomofo and Woolies have come up with the goods and that’s time back in the diary and a little less stress in the working week.  Bring it on!

On to more frivolous and fun things, February has been the month of colour makeup wise and I embraced the last weeks of Summer with simple, glowing skin and a bright lip.  And tested a LOT of mascaras as I’ve just fallen out of love with all of my old favourites and seem to be on the eternal quest for one that has natural bristles, is voluminising BUT DOES NOT SMUDGE.  So frustrating and when you’re a redhead and your eyelashes are well..non-existent, a good mascara is a necessity.  Let me know if you have any recommendations!

From the fun to the necessary – because coffee is life – I’ve rekindled my love affair with my Nespresso machine.  I’d kind of fallen into the lazy routine of grabbing a coffee on the way back from school drop off – and on the way to pick up most days if I’m honest – as I hadn’t got my shizz together to get to the shop and stock up on my multi-coloured pods of loveliness but enough was enough, I loaded myself up with a box or 11 and now have a smorgasbord of options at my fingertips.  Simple things my friends.  Simple things.

And on the subject of simple things, I’ve been making sure that I squeeze in time each week for myself and it’s just been a revelation. I’ve made time to have a coffee and read my book, have bought myself flowers, had a pedi and even had a wander around the shops on my own. It’s not that anybody’s stopped me doing any of those things before, but I’ve never consciously made the effort to incorporate it into my week and I’m loving it.

And last but not least, February saw me turn 44 and we celebrated Henry’s 6th birthday so it was quite the birthday month.  I was thoroughly spoiled but not impressed with the number (I was weirdly more offended by my 39th than my 40th and felt a wee bit similar this year)  so am just waiting for June when my hubbie turns 45 and he’s older than me again.  I might be 44 but am so far from grown up!

So that was the month that was, and it was a good one. I have to say that I’m really looking forward to March and the start of Autumn though, as beautiful as Summer in Sydney is, I’m an Autumn and Spring kind of girl so bring on cooler weather and an excuse to drink red wine and wear berry lipstick I say!!


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