First Readers for a 6 year old

First Readers for a 6 year old

It was so lovely to watch my little man go through kindy last year and see his love of books and reading emerge, particularly as I got to see him in action once a week as a parent helper helping out with literacy groups; totally my favourite day of the week!  He’s just started year one and has to take a book in for independent reading and is so chuffed that he’s now in chapter book territory and can start raiding his brother’s bookshelves.

I’ve had to dial down his expectations though bless him as his brother is 10 – nearly 11 – and they’re not going to be sharing books for a while so I gently replaced the James Pattersons, 13 Storey Treehouse and Percy Jacksons that he grasped in his mitts and suggested that we dial it down a notch and try something a wee bit easier at first.

So, I had a good research online, went into the local Harry Hartog and had a good old chat to a member of staff there about the best books for a six year old boy and came out armed with some little crackers that he’s enjoying.  So, what are his current faves?  If you’re looking for inspiration or a gift for the little person in your life, keep reading; there’s some oldies but goodies and a couple of newer titles and authors in the mix to give you a bit of inspiration.

Hot Dog – Anh Do

I don’t think William read these – well we don’t have any on his bookshelves – but Henry’s quite the fan.  They’re funny, colourful with lots of great pics and I love that they’re a series as he’s enjoying working his way through them. They always seem to be one of the first books mentioned when I ask for recommendations and I can see why.

The Bad Guys  – Aaron Blabey

Henry’s loving this series and it’s a great entry into the world of chapter books as it’s not too text heavy; there are lots of fun illustrations and the characters – Mr Wolf and the Gang – are great.  They’re bad guys trying to be good and there’s lots of silly stunts along the way; and what’s not to love about a story with a farting snake in it?!

Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend – Francesca Simon

An oldie but a goodie.  We have Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend and it’s one that a family friend in the UK sent to William when he was Henry’s age, so it’s been well loved.  Both of my boys love football (sorry 14 years in and I still say football not soccer..) so they’re a big fan of anything football related and this book is right up Henry’s street.  It’s about his namesake who can be a bit well..horrid..and he gets in trouble a lot. Can you see a theme here; I’m not trying to paint a picture of my 6 year old sociopath but he can be quite the cheeky little monkey and is a completely different kettle of fish to his older, gentle bear of a brother?!  Anyway, I digress. We totally recommend these; there’s more in the series and I will definitely hunt them down.

The Puffin Book of Stories for 6 year olds

This is a lovely one which we’re borrowing from a friend who’s a little bit older.  It’s still on the trickier side for Henry so I largely read it to him and he reads the odd few paragraphs or tackles a less text heavy page.  There are fourteen stories and they’re all fairly short and sweet which is great for straying attention spans and with themes such as a Martian in a supermarket, a monkey in trouble and a magic pearl tree, there’s something for everybody!

The World’s Worst Children – David Williams

This one was a recent birthday pressie, we’ve just started enjoying it at bedtime and I think that it’s going to be a firm favourite. It’s beautifully illustrated and and Henry is so excited for us to crack into it properly as it’s a whole bunch of stories about naughty kids and the escapades that they get up to.  Hope he’s not going to be jotting down tips!  Again this is a ‘read to him’ book at the moment but I have no doubt that he’ll be tackling it before we know it.

So, they’re our current top 5.  Are there any that you love that we should be adding to our list?  Homework starts for us this week (god help us) so I’m expecting the usual onslaught of Aussie Bites but is there anything else that Henry might enjoy?


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