January Favourites

January Favourites

I love watching my fave YouTubers and bloggers go through their monthly beauty/lifestyle/interiors/well anything really  favourites, so thought that it was about time that I did my own.  I’m going to keep it very simple (just like my good self!) and not stick to strict categories, because where’s the fun in that; I’m just going to tell you all about the things that I’ve been loving in that month?!

So kicking off with January and a strange inclusion if you know me – as I’m a complete technoflump – but a big hit this month has been my MacBook Air which was a present from me to me a few weeks ago.  Up until that point I’d had a Surface Pro – which I’d quite liked – but the floppy little keyboard had started to look tatty and was starting to annoy me as as it slips off your lap without warning, and when it started to die a horrible death I was secretly relieved and ran out to buy myself a MacBook Air.  And I bloody love it!  It’s light, easy to navigate around and as an iPhone user, so compatible.  State the obvious Lis! It definitely falls into the ‘What took you so long category?!’ but hey better late than never I say.

January has also been the month of the podcast for me.  I’ve found some amazing series covering everything from creativity, writing and building communities on Instagram to entrepreneurial business women talking about how they’ve built their brands and businesses and launched inspirational products and services. SO inspiring!  I’m a big believer in continual learning and self-development and as a time poor mum who works for herself, I find podcasts to be really motivational learning bites that I can incorporate in to my day.  I listen to them on the way back from school drop off, on the way to pick up, whilst I’m washing up..any time  I can squeeze them in really and I can’t get enough. I totally recommend.  In fact, I’ve uncovered so many cool gems that I might do a separate blog on podcasts if you fancy it?

Thirdly and on to more the style and accessories side of things, I’ve been just loving a Christmas pressie from my hubbie – my vintage coloured satchel from the  Cambridge Satchel Company.  Is it strange that this was what I was coveting at the ripe old age of 43..probably..but I’ve never really cared much for what people think?! I’ve always wanted a proper, old school satchel, and when I was having a good old scroll through my Instagram feed and spotted the fab Charlotte Jacklin from Betty Magazine modelling some pieces from their range, I was hooked and prompted dropped some not so subtle hints for Father Christmas to bring me one..texting the link with pleading emojis type of subtle.  Anyway, I got it, I love it love it love it, and was not even ashamed when my mate’s mum – an absolute sweetie in her late seventies – commented that she had one at school just like it! If it’s good enough for you Carol, it’s good enough for me?!

So on to beauty.  I’d have to say that it’s been all about skincare for me this month after eating rubbish and drinking too much over the hols and one standout has been Oskia’s Renaissance Cleansing Gel.  It gets a lot of love online, most beauty bloggers/vloggers and the like wax lyrical about it and for good reason.  It’s just beautiful; it smells divine, is a peachy-pink gel that goes on like a dream and is quite simply packed full of vitamins and good stuff.  My skin is always in great shape when I use it and I try to make sure that I have a back-up ready to go.  I buy it online at Net-A-Porter if you’re interested.  Try it!

I’ve also been loving books and magazines this month which might sound strange as it’s a given that I’ve always got my nose in a book.  But this month I’ve rediscovered my love for reading a physical book and the joy of turning actual pages; it’s very satisfying, particularly with a cup of tea or glass of wine to accompany my little slice of me time.  I’ve also been very aware that I haven’t been the best role model for my boys lately as I’ve been reading books via the Kindle app on my phone and they haven’t seen me enjoying books.  And I want them to know that they’re an important part of life.  As far as they were concerned I could be faffing around on ASOS or Instagram – which don’t get me wrong I sometimes am  – but most of the time I am reading and it’s important that they know that.

And finally on the faves front, and continuing the theme of moving my world out of an app, it’s been all about photos for me this month.  And I don’t mean taking them but actually printing them out as I’m conscious that I have so many memories just sitting on my iPhone and I’m not getting to appreciate them everyday.  So I’ve taken the first step of printing 30 out this month and am enjoying accumulating some frames and working out where I will pop them throughout the house. Life is to be lived and enjoyed and I want to see all of our great memories smiling back at us everyday.  So yes, photos have been a firm fave this month.

So that was Jan, and it’s quite a disparate group of favourites now I look back on them.  A new bag, a new toy, a new way to motivate myself; a face saver, books and lots of lovely pics.  And no make up in sight – who am I?  I’ll have to get myself down to Mecca and rectify that straightaway.  I’ll report back next month!




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