What’s on my reading pile?

What’s on my reading pile?

It’s a blissfully peaceful and pottering kind of day in the MAD household.  The boys are playing relatively peacefully together and the washing is on so I’m thinking I might curl up with a spanking new read and have been having a look at my new book stash – and downloads.. I’m a kindle and old school paperback kind of girl so enjoy both – and have been thinking about what I fancy reading next.

I’m an avid reader; and a speedy one who can bosh a book in a couple of hours. Not that I want to – if anything I love to savour every word – but it means that to ensure that I am never without the next read I’ve always got a handful of titles ready to go for when the mood takes me.  And it’s occurred to me just how telling this pile of books it..it says everything about me as a reader and creature of habit.

So my contenders are looking like:

IT: Stephen King

All The Light We Cannot See: Anthony Doerr

The Handmaid’s Tale: Margaret Atwood

Dust: Hugh Howey

The First City: Joe Hart

Savages: Shirley Conrad

City of Fallen Angels: Cassandra Clare

Billy & Me: Giovanna Fletcher

Wilde Like Me: Louise Pentland

And what does it say about me..?

That I read anything and everything – except war and biographies really – my taste is really eclectic and ranges from chick lit and plain old trashie page turners (say hello Savages from good old Shirley Conrad who wrote the trash epic that was Lace back in the day) to fantasy epics, sci fi and horror to beautifully written literary prose. And let’s be honest everything in between. I belong to two book clubs, I rarely dislike a book and it takes an awful lot for me not to finish something.

That I love to read, reread and reread my faves. I seem to be a bit of a minority here as when I mentioned that to some of my friends the other day they looked at me as if I were a bit mad..why read the same stuff when there were so many books in the world to enjoy seemed to be the general consensus. Well I do and I bloody love it. And Riders, Rivals and Polo are as fab the ninth time as the first time and IT and the Handmaids Tale will no doubt prove to be just as amazing as they were when I first read them 20 odd years ago..!

That I love love love a series..nothing makes me happier than a trilogy. Reading is one of my absolute passions and I get completely absorbed in the characters and am invariably bereft when I finish a story and have to leave them behind. So I love a good trilogy that lets me enjoy watching them live out their lives for just that little bit longer. I’m really looking forward to reading Dust, the third book in Hugh Howey’s Wool Trilogy…it’s a very cool dystopia where the remains of civilisation live in a vast silo, buried in the earth.

And even better than a trilogy is a flipping series and being able to see a beloved character develop through a storyline..that obsession started for me with Patricia Cornwell (and I had to read the Kay Scarpetta series in order..)..took me to James Patterson’s Alex Cross series and Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch and now sees me wading through the fourth tome of the Mortal Instruments series. Yes it’s pretty much teen lit and yes – as my husband points out – I’m a teenager trapped in a 43 old’s body with my love of Twilight, Delirium, The Scorch Trials and The Hunger games. Give me vampires, werewolves or a love story set in a futuristic universe and I’m in.

Don’t know about you but I’m judging myself right now..! And on that note I think I’d better pick one as the boys will be bickering before I know it and then my little bliss bubble will be well and truly burst!

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