Diary of a Working Mum: Mindfulness

Diary of a Working Mum: Mindfulness

I’m all for mindfulness. I get it. I know that it’s important and that I need to remind myself to stay in the moment rather than racing to my next goal and thing to do like a neurotic greyhound. As yes a typical afternoon in my house does look a little bit like this..

5 yr old.. “$&@# pushed me over in the playground again..” whilst dropping his school bag on the floor and leaving a trail of raincoat, permission slips, water bottle and ‘artworks’ across the floor as he drags his bag to the cupboard.

10 yr old..”What’s for afternoon tea?”

Me.. “Where are your spelling words William?”

5 yr old..”Can we see how many OY words we can write..? I want to show Miss H tomorrow!”

Me..”Let me just finish this email then I’ll be with you..”

10 yr old..”Can I go on my scooter?”

Me..”No you can’t..you’ve got to do your spelling homework ..where are your spelling words?”

5 yr old..”Can we have English muffins, I’m starving..?”

Me..”I’ve just got to take this call then I’ll get you something to eat”

10 yr old..”Can I borrow your laptop to do my mathletics”..as he watches me typing away on it..I’m clearly using it but that thought wouldn’t enter his head.

Me..”For the love of God you need to do your spelling not maths..am I speaking Swahili?”

5 yr old..”I’ve got to wear green tomorrow and take a gold coin..where’s my green dinosaur T-shirt?”

10 yr old..”I  forgot to get them from Mr P..so can I go out on my scooter then?”

Me.. “No,  go and do your bloody reading!!”

5 yr old now shouting from the downstairs loo..”Can you wipe my bum?!”

10 yr old..”Seriously when are you going to do afternoon tea?”

And with that the red mist descends and I’ll more than likely childishly slam my laptop shut and throw some afternoon tea together whilst muttering under my breath..not my finest hour..and then usually the point when I take a deep breath, put the kettle on (I’m English, it’s how we solve every problem) and remind myself that they’re 5 and 10, that it was MY decision to NOT put them in to after school care so that I could spend the afternoons with them/help them with their homework/spend quality time with them blah blah blah and I was ‘confident’ that I could work running my business around them – and in school hours – so why was I taking it out on them?

And release..

So yes mindfulness..I’m on board as clearly I haven’t nailed it.  At all.  Not in the slightest.  Let’s just say that I’m a work in progress.

#whyconcentrateononethingwhenyoucanpanicabout57 #mindfulnessisforwimps

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